Cuepacs: Better civil service now

KUALA LUMPUR: Cuepacs is stepping up efforts to inculcate a positive attitude among the 1.2 million civil servants in the country so as to provide a high level of service in line with the people’s expectations.

Its secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said efforts so far had been fruitful as reflected in the improved delivery system, particularly in departments that dealt directly with the public.

Giving an example, she said an international passport which used to take about a week to issue could now be obtained within two hours.

Similarly, people used to wait for hours at Road Transport Department counters to renew their road tax and licences but these were now processed in a matter of minutes.

“In fact, the renewal of licences and payment of utility bills have also been computerised and people can do the transactions at any time online, even from the comfort of their homes,” she said yesterday.

Lok pointed out that civil servants played a crucial role in the country’s administration and, as such, needed to keep abreast of developments.

The Government’s transformation programme was a challenge to civil servants as they had to adapt to new skills and methods of doing their work, she said.

“On our part, we will continue to encourage and motivate civil servants to give their best. Hopefully this will be matched by similar encouragement from the Government,” she said.

She said that besides monetary compensation, civil servants would also like to be recognised and appreciated for their work.

Lok agreed with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s advice to civil servants to take pride in their jobs.

She called on the Government to provide more training to civil servants so that they could upgrade themselves and seek higher positions within the service. — Bernama