Survey: Many planning to switch jobs


PETALING JAYA: One in three Malaysian workers plans to change jobs and seek new opportunities within the next year, a recent survey shows.

This is the finding of a survey by Kelly Glo­-bal Workforce Index (KGWI), in which nearly 170,000 people from 30 countries took part, including 4,500 Malaysians.

The annual index found 58% of Malaysians intend to look for new jobs with different employers within the next year.

“Many employees have become disengaged from their work, with less than half feeling valued by their employers.

“More than one in three say they frequent­­ly think about quitting,” said Kelly Services Singapore and Malaysia managing director Melissa Norman.

Those aged 19 to 30 (Gen Y) and 31 to 48 (Gen X) are more likely to switch jobs, with 59% from both generations planning to quit within the next year.

This is compared to the 43% among the generation aged 49 to 66 (the baby boomers).

The index showed a new trend among employees in all age groups, who placed more importance on personal fulfilment and growth opportunities than compensation and job benefits.

The survey revealed that more than half of the global workforce wanted to change jobs within the next year, citing poor management as one of the leading causes.

“Many are unhappy in their jobs and are actively looking for new opportunities,” said Norman, adding that even those who were contented in their jobs were seeking greater engagement and “meaning” from their work.

“Unless employers can offer meaningful work and ongoing opportunities for growth, many feel it is in their best interest to keep their careers in a perpetual state of motion,” said Norman.

An assistant manager, who only wanted to be known as Jessie, 27, said she was planning to resign from the company where she had been working for the past four years.

“I stayed to gain experience but there is nothing more for me to learn here.

“I am looking for another job that would offer more flexible working hours as well as opportunities to advance in my career,” she said.