Employers: Fresh graduates not suitable and are ‘liabilities’


KUALA LUMPUR: Employers consider fresh graduates liabilities as many require additional training before they can perform.

Companies would rather hire experienced and skilled professionals who can bring instant returns, said Kelly Services marketing director for Singapore and Malaysia Jeannie Khoo.

She said employers felt many fresh graduates lacked communication skills and had poor English and needed to improve before they could add value to the business.

“This means additional costs for the company. Employers are looking for people who can hit the ground running,” she said after launching the Kelly Services Professional and Technical Salary Guide 2012 here yesterday.

Khoo said the 27 polytechnics in the country generated thousands of skilled workers every year but many of them needed to be retrained by their employers.

She advised fresh graduates to be less choosy and to have realistic expectations on salary and remuneration.

“You are unlikely to earn RM3,000 in your first job.

“Be willing to learn. If you are offered an internship, take it,” she said.

Kelly Services Asia Pacific head of professional and technical, Mark Sparrow, said demand was growing for professionals with experience and niche skills.

He said there was a global shortage of talent in specialised areas of engineering, accountancy, technology and financial services.

“There is high demand for engineers, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Indonesia and Thailand which are rebuilding their cities following natural disasters,” he said.

He added the “hot jobs” in Malaysia included risk management specialists, construction and environment engineers, software development specialists and marketing and sales personnel who are fluent in English.