Grads turning their backs on retail industry, says MRCA

PETALING JAYA: Fresh graduates are shying away from the retail industry as they feel it does not give them enough opportunities to go for higher posts, the Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association (MRCA) said.

Expressing concern over their lack of interest in the industry, MRCA president Datuk Nelson Kwok said: “Many fresh graduates have a low impression about their work prospects in the retail sector, saying it takes a longer time to be promoted to better positions.

“We have more than 8,000 jobs available in the management level alone. But the graduates have the perception that it is not the best career path,” he said when interviewed during a MRCA corporate visit to Menara Star here yesterday.

“Malaysian consumers now have greater purchasing power and confidence but we still find it hard to fill the jobs in the sector,” he said.

Kwok said the association collaborated with the Higher Education Ministry to come up with structural programmes in business and retailing at local institutions of higher learning.

He cited courses at the SEGi University College and Universiti Malaya where the youths could pick up basic education in the sector.

The Government has projected the wholesale and retail industry to raise the country's Gross Natio-nal Income by RM108bil through its Economical Transformation Programme and this could reach RM165bil per annum by 2020.

The Retail National Key Economic Areas Entry Point Projects will also create around 370,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Of this, 7,800 will be senior management posts, 11,600 managerial, 19,000 professional and technical posts, 19,000 executive, 37,000 supervisory and 18,000 clerical posts.

Article extracted from The Star Online (Tuesday July 10, 2012)