Technology affects work performance and personal lives

PETALING JAYA: Technology has changed the way people work in so many ways, including the way how bosses expect employees to be “at work” all the time, that it has affected both work performance and personal lives.

Advertising account executive, Sylvia Ranjini, 30, has had the daunting experience of attending to te-mails and calls from her boss and clients while being warded in the hospital for delivery of her baby.

“It was really horrible as it was my first delivery and I was nervous and could not focus on whatever I was liaising with my clients and could not keep myself calm.”

“I managed the situation somehow but I hope that no other person has to go through the experience as it was a nightmare,” she said.

Sylvia, who has since quit her job, said that her boss refused to put the client’s account under the supervision of another executive despite her requests months earlier.

“Advertising is a tough line of work, but requiring an eight-months pregnant woman to answer e-mails at midnight while expecting her to clock in for work the next morning did not make sense,”

She said the constant stress left a huge scar on her family relationships, adding that she was happier now being at home doing freelance work.

A public relations practitioner who only wished to be identified as Hong, 25, said the industry required him to be on standby for almost 24 hours, especially when there were major events.

“My worst experience was staying up for more than 24 hours to handle the media, in case any crisis occurred,”

“This lifestyle has unsettled my balance in life personally and professionally. I can’t even sit down to have a proper meal without checking my e-mails through phone all the time,” he said.

“Because you’re constantly worried about the quality of your work and having to be on your toes for your clients all the time, work becomes your life,” he added.