Survey: Malaysian businesses plan to increase headcount

KUALA LUMPUR: The latest Regus Business Confidence Index reveals that 94% of Malaysian businesses are planning to increase or maintain headcount in 2013.

The survey of more than 26,000 businesses across 90 countries also highlighted a strong emphasis on recruiting more sales and marketing staff in Malaysia.

John Henderson from Regus, the global workspace provider, said the standout figures were not just that firms were looking to recruit but also invest in sales and marketing.

“These results suggest that sales and marketing professionals will be in high demand in the coming months. Businesses also need to consider how to recruit and retain the best in the field to ensure they remain competitive in their markets,” he said in a statement.

Henderson also said that all trends indicated that offering flexible working would move from a “nice to have” perk to a necessary condition of employment, being key to securing and retaining the best employees for any company.

“As younger people come into the workforce, they have a very different attitude to work, placing flexibility and quality above more traditional considerations.

“But flexible working also brings additional benefits of helping businesses cut fixed space costs and increase staff productivity,” he said. — Bernama