Laid-off workers to get cash aid

PUTRAJAYA: Workers in the private sector who have lost their job as a result of termination will be provided financial assistance while they wait to secure new jobs under the new Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) that will be introduced next year.

They will also be given the opportunity to attend the necessary training, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot.

In relation to the EIS initiative, he said, the JobsMalaysia portal would be further enhanced to help job seekers and those who have lost their jobs to be employed faster and in a more effective manner.

He added that a new programme called 1Malaysia Globally Recognised Industry and Professional Certification (1MalaysiaGRIP) would also be implemented in line with the Government’s target of having 33% skilled workers by next year.

“The programme will encourage employers, specifically those in high-impact sectors, to further develop employees’ skills and expertise.

“A double-shift approach will be introduced at 32 industrial training institutes under the Manpower Department to optimise the training capacity,” he said in a statement here yesterday on the ministry’s outlook for 2015.

Riot said next year will be an important period for workers in the private sector as it will see the Employment Act 1955 and related labour laws being reviewed.

“The review will provide better terms and conditions of employment, appointment and dismissal.

“Also to be included in the review are flexible working hours and termination benefits that will safeguard workers’ welfare,” said the minister.

Riot said the related labour laws to be reviewed were the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and Trade Unions Act 1969.

“The intention of the review is to uphold social justice and to ensure harmonious industrial relations.

“Flexible labour laws will encourage industries to improve their sustainability and contribute to the country’s economic growth,” he added.

Looking back at the outgoing year, Riot said one of the highlights in 2014 was the full implementation of the minimum wage policy in January.

As at Nov 30, more than 38,400 employers have complied with the order.