Cool offices: A productivity community

These days, cafes are popular places for people to do their work. You get your refreshments, a cosy environment, and a space all to yourself. Until you need to leave that is, or go to the washroom and need your belongings looked after. For those that need a better deal (and more), WORQ has got you covered.

With free flow refreshments, a selection of rooms and offices, a communal workspace, and a shared community, WORQ knows what you want. And judging by their complete occupancy in less than a year, it seems that is not an understatement. WORQ co-founders, Stephanie Ping and Andrew Yeow, showed us why, with a tour inside their colourful and vibrant space.

WORQ co-founders, Stephanie Ping and Andrew Yeow WORQ co-founders, Stephanie Ping and Andrew Yeow

The WORQ culture

WORQ takes the concept of a co-working space to its fullest potential, describing itself as a productivity community. "Technology has made it easier to find jobs and partners. We actually play a part in that ecosystem, where they have skills and dreams, but lack resources. That's where our co-working space pulls them together. What’s more important than the office aspect is the co-working community. "The modern worker needs to deliver a lot. They need to leverage and learn off each other." Ping says. A big part of their plans is breaking barriers. Emphasising collaboration and participation, WORQ organises workshops and clubs for those in its communal workspace to know one another and learn skills and techniques from others they share the space with. A recent workshop had a gathering of programmers sharing their coding techniques. Yeow adds that they support the clubs and the initiatives from the members there with resources and marketing, "It's easy when it happens at your doorstep." Ping and Yeow even experienced this themselves, telling us that the start of their business had them awkward and unconfidently speaking to the media. A Toastmasters member observed their interview and offered to train them in their engagement with the media. "Every day, these useful interactions happen," Ping says.

Prince of Wales, Prince Charles dropped by the WORQ office. Prince of Wales, Prince Charles dropped by the WORQ office.

The concept of the WORQ office

WORQ's co-working space and concept takes some inspiration from Stanford University, Ping's alma mater. They had a communal space where people ranging from IT workers and technicians could befriend regular joes and end up building robots together. They aim to recreate it here; a conducive space for productivity and inclusivity. "I want people to think 'The moment I go in, I'm productive.' Then I feel like we've done our job." says Ping. Living up to the spirit of innovation, the moment you walk through the TARDIS (a nod to the Doctor Who fans) at the entrance, different spaces of all kinds are available, from long tables and big, comfy chairs in open spaces to quiet, individual stalls and meeting rooms. Needs of all kinds are accommodated, with a gaming room and even sleeping quarters for those who need a nap. Big windows let in plenty of sunshine, and the walls are decorated with colourful images. Refreshments are available for anyone to consume, with a wide variety of coffee and snacks, with a cafe for those who need something more. It doesn’t feel cramped at all, even with so many people. Despite all the perks and spaces available, Ping and Yeow say biggest aspect of their co-working space are their amazing members. The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, visited WORQ last week, and due to security, members were not allowed to bring in electronics while he was there. "They were so understanding," Yeow says. "We've attracted people that were nicer than we ever expected."

Benefits of working at WORQ

The open attitudes and comfy spaces at WORQ reflect on the team. "We look for people who are like-minded and full of energy, it's less about the skillsets and more about the attitude. They get exposure to unique businesses at an early stage," says Ping. Yeow mentions that they don't look at age or background, but attitude and performance, telling us that they've given big responsibilities to those who showed they could perform. He says they trust their staff to do their job because, "We believe in people." Ping says they really value staff who add to the community overall, and offer a lot of flexibility to them. "What has attracted these good people? It starts from the team itself."

Members get to enjoy free flow drinks and snacks at the pantry Members get to enjoy free flow drinks and snacks at the pantry

WORQ is hiring!

Fancy WORQ's space and culture? Good news for you! WORQ is looking for bright talents to fill in the positions below. Click for more details and to apply.

• Outlet Manager

• Account Executive